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  Top 50 Abraham Lincoln Quotes

“My Best Friend is a Person who will Give Me a Book I have Not Read.”

Abraham Lincoln

“No Man has a Good enough Memory to be a Successful Liar.”

Abraham Lincoln

“When You Reach The End of Your Rope, Tie a Knot and Hang on.”

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln quotes

“I Remember My Mother's Prayers and They have always Followed Me. They have Clung to Me all My Life.”

Abraham Lincoln

“All that I am, or Hope to be, I Owe to My Angel Mother.”

Abraham Lincoln

“A Friend is One who has the Same Enemies as You have.”

“Folks are Usually about as Happy as they Make their Minds up to be.”

“I am a Slow Walker, but I Never Walk Back.”

“I don't Like that Man. I must get to Know him Better.”

“Character is Like a Tree and Reputation its Shadow. The Shadow is what we Think it is and the Tree is the Real thing.”

“I was Born and have ever Remained in the most Humble walks of Life.”

“I Never had a Policy; I have Just Tried to do my Very Best each and every Day.”

“No man is Good enough to Govern another man Without the other’s Consent.”

“Do I Not Destroy my Enemies when I Make them my Friends?”

“If I were Two-Faced, would I be Wearing this One?”

“You Cannot Escape the Responsibility of Tomorrow by Evading it Today.”

“I would rather be a Little Nobody, then to be a Evil Somebody.”

“No man is Poor who has a Godly Mother.”

“A Woman is the only Thing I am Afraid of that I Know will Not Hurt me.”

“When I do Good, I Feel Good. When I do Bad, I Feel bad. That’s my Religion.”

“The best Way to Predict your Future is to Create it.”

“I'm a Success today because I had a Friend who Believed in me and I didn't have the Heart to let him Down.”

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall Not Perish from the Earth.”

“Whatever you are, be a Good One.”

“That some Achieve great Success, is Proof to all that others can Achieve it as Well.”

“We should be too Big to Take Offense and too Noble to Give it.”

“Better to Remain Silent and be Thought a Fool than to Speak out and Remove all Doubt.”

“Important Principles may, and must, be Inflexible.”

“My great Concern is not whether you have Failed, but whether you are Content with your Failure.”

 “If Slavery is Not Wrong, Nothing is Wrong.”

“A House Divided against itself Cannot Stand.”

“Be Sure you Put your Feet in the Right Place, then Stand Firm.”

“Give me Six hours to Chop down a Tree and I will Spend the first Four Sharpening the Axe.”

“If this is Coffee, please Bring me some Tea; but if this is Tea, please Bring me some Coffee.”

“He has a Right to Criticize, who has a Heart to Help.”

“Every man's Happiness is his Own Responsibility.”

“It's Not me who Can't Keep a Secret. It's the people I Tell that Can't.”

“Don't Worry when you are Not Recognized, but Strive to be Worthy of Recognition.”

“You can Tell the Greatness of a Man by what Makes him Angry.”

“The Best Way to get a Bad Law Repealed is to Enforce it Strictly.”

“I am Not Bound to Win, I am Bound to be True. I am Not Bound to Succeed, but I am Bound to Live up to The Light I have.”