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“I was Born in a University Campus and Seem to have Lived all My Life in One Campus or another.”

Amartya Sen

“The Student Community of Presidency College was also Politically most Active.”

“Poverty is Not just a Lack of Money; it is Not having the Capability to Realize one's Full Potential as a Human being.”

“Poverty is the Deprivation of Opportunity.”

“The Identity of an Individual is Essentially a Function of her Choices, rather than the Discovery of an Immutable Attribute.”

“A Defeated argument that Refuses to be Obliterated can Remain very Alive.”

“Economic Growth without Investment in Human Development is Unsustainable and Unethical.”

“While I am Interested both in Economics and in Philosophy, the Union of my Interests in the Two fields far Exceeds their Intersection.”

“The Curriculum of the School did not Neglect India's Cultural, Analytical and Scientific Heritage, but was very Involved also with the Rest of the World.”

“From the mid-1970s, I also Started work on the Causation and Prevention of Famines.”

“I Believe that Virtually all the Problems in the World come from Inequality of one Kind or Another.”

“Resenting the Obtuseness of others is Not Good Ground for Shooting oneself in the Foot.”

“But the idea that I should be a Teacher and a Researcher of some Sort did Not vary over the Years.”

“The Success of a Society is to be Evaluated Primarily by the Freedoms that Members of the Society Enjoy.”

“A Society can be Pareto Optimal and still Perfectly Disgusting.”

“Prolixity is Not Alien to us in India. We are Able to Talk at some Length.”

“I have Not had any Serious Non-Academic Job.”

“Empowering Women is Key to Building a Future we Want.”

“Imparting Education Not only Enlightens the Receiver, but also Broadens The Giver; The Teachers, The Parents, The Friends.”

“Freedoms are Not only the Primary Ends of Development, They are also among its Principal means.”

“Unaimed opulence, in General, is a Roundabout, Undependable, and Wasteful way of Improving the living Standards of the Poor.”

“While we Cannot Live without History, we Need Not Live within it either.”

“Anything that Increases the Voice of young Women tends therefore to Reduce the Fertility rate.”

“There are few Subjects that Match the social Significance of Women's Education in the Contemporary World.”

“Development Cannot Really be so Centered only on those in Power.”

“If Jobs are Important, Education is Important.”

“Education can really Transform the Insecurities in the World into a Bigger Vision of what we are as Human beings.”

“I have Not had any Serious Non-Academic Job.”

“I Remain instinctively Hostile to Communitarian Philosophy and Communitarian Politics.”

“I left Delhi, in 1971, shortly after Collective Choice and Social Welfare was Published in 1970.”