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  Top 50 Aristotle Quotes

“Equality consists in The Same Treatment of Similar Persons.”


“Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart is No Education at all.”

“All Human Actions have One or more of these Seven causes: Chance, Nature, Compulsions, Habit, Reason, Passion, Desire.”

“The Roots of Education are Bitter, but the Fruit is Sweet.”

“Happiness Depends upon Ourselves.”

“Knowing yourself is the Beginning of all Wisdom.”

“Friendship is Essentially a Partnership.”

“What is a Friend? A single Soul Dwelling in Two Bodies.”

“No Great Mind has ever Existed without a Touch of Madness.”

“It is during our Darkest Moments that we must Focus to see the Light.”

“In all Things of Nature there is Something of the Marvelous.”

“My Best Friend is the man who in Wishing me Well Wishes it for my Sake.”

“One thing Alone not even God can do, To make Undone Whatever hath been Done.”

“The Energy of the Mind is the Essence of Life.”

“The Worst form of Inequality is to Try to make Unequal Things Equal.”

“It is the Mark of an Educated Mind to be Able to Entertain a Thought without Accepting it.”

“He who has Overcome his Fears will Truly be Free.”

“Those who Know, do. Those that Understand, Teach.”

“Poverty is the Parent of Revolution and Crime.”

“The Educated Differ from the Uneducated as much as the Living Differ from the Dead.”

“Pleasure in the Job puts Perfection in the Work.”

“The whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.”

“He who cannot be a Good Follower cannot be a Good Leader.”

“No Notice is taken of a Little Evil, but when it Increases it Strikes the Eye.”

“Memory is the Scribe of the Soul.”

“The Soul never Thinks without a Picture. Hope is the Dream of a Waking man.”

“Education is the Best Provision for Old age.”

“Learning is not Child's Play; we Cannot Learn without Pain.”

“Misfortune Shows those who are Not really Friends.”

“Where your Talents and the Needs of the Eorld Cross; there Lies your Vocation.”

“The Law is Reason Free from Passion.”

“Comedy aims at Representing men as Worse, Tragedy as Better than in Actual Life.”

“There is No Great Genius without some Touch of Madness.”

“Democracy is when the Indigent, and Not the men of Property, are the Rulers.”

“The Aim of art is to Represent Not the Outward Appearance of Things, but their Inward Significance.”

“The one Exclusive Sign of thorough Knowledge is the Power of Teaching.”

“Courage is the First of Human Qualities because it is the Quality which Guarantees the Others.”

“Personal Beauty is a Greater Recommendation than any Letter of Reference.”

“We make War that we may Live in Peace.”

“The Secret to Humor is Surprise.”