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  Top 50 B. R. Ambedkar Quotes

“The Constitution is Not a mere Lawyers document, it is a vehicle of Life, and its Spirit is always the Spirit of Age.”

B. R. Ambedkar

“The Relationship between Husband and Wife should be One of Closest Friends.”

“I Measure the Progress of a community by the Degree of Progress which Women have Achieved.”

“Cultivation of Mind should be the Ultimate Aim of Human Existence.”

“Lost Rights are Never Regained by Appeals to the Conscience of the Usurpers, but by Relentless Struggle. Goats are used for Sacrificial offerings and Not Lions.”

“Life should be Great rather than Long.”

“I Like the Religion that Teaches Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.”

“Be Educated, be Organised and be Agitated.”

“If I Find the Constitution being Misused, I shall be the First to Burn it.”

“A Great man is Different from an Eminent One in that he is Ready to be the Servant of the Society.”

“We are Indians, Firstly and Lastly.”

“Men are Mortal. So are ideas. An idea Needs Propagation as much as a Plant needs Watering. Otherwise both will wither and Die.”

“Equality may be a Fiction but nonetheless One must Accept it as a Governing Principle.”

“So long as you do Not Achieve social Liberty, whatever Freedom is provided by the Law is of No Avail to you.”

“Though, I was born a Hindu, I solemnly Assure you that I will Not Die as a Hindu.”

“Political Democracy cannot Last unless there Lies at the Base of it Social Democracy. What does Social Democracy mean? It means a way of Life which Recognizes Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as the Principles of Life.”

“Law and Order are the Medicine of the body Politic and when the body Politic gets Sick, Medicine must be Administered.”

“They Cannot make History who Forget History.”

“Indifferentism is the Worst Kind of Disease that can Affect people.”

“The History of India is Nothing but a History of a Mortal Conflict between Buddhism and Brahminism.”

“Every man who Repeats the Dogma of Mill that one Country is No Fit to Rule another Country must Admit that one class is Not Fit to Rule another Class.”

“Religion is for man and Not man for Religion.”

“The Sovereignty of Scriptures of all Religions must come to an End if we Want to have a United Integrated Modern India.”

“The Basic idea Underlying Religion is to Create an Atmosphere for the Spiritual Development of the Individual.”

“Political Tyranny is Nothing Compared to the Social Tyranny and a Reformer who defies Society is a more Courageous man than a Politician who defies Government.”