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  Top 50 Bill Gates Quotes

“Success is a Lousy Teacher. It Seduces Smart people into Thinking they Can't Lose.”

Bill Gates

“I Choose a Lazy Person to do a Hard job. Because a Lazy Person will Find an Easy Way to do it.”

“Patience is a Key Element of Success.”

“If you are Born Poor then it's Not your Mistake but if you Die Poor then it is Your Mistake.”

“I am Not in Competition with Anyone but Myself. My Goal is to Improve myself Continuously.”

“It's Fine to Celebrate Success but it is more Important to Heed the Lessons of Failure.”

“Your most Unhappy Customers are your Greatest Source of Learning.”

“Life is Not Fair; get Used to it.”

“I Failed in some Subjects in Exam, but My Friend Passed in all. Now he is an Engineer in Microsoft and I am the Owner of Microsoft.”

“Expectations are a Form of First-class Truth: If people Believe it, it’s True.”

“Our Success has Really been based on Partnerships from the very Beginning.”

“I have been Struck again and again by how Important Measurement is to Improving the Human condition.”

“Technology is just a Tool. In Terms of getting the Kids Working together and Motivating them, the Teacher is the Most Important.”

“Discrimination has a lot of Layers that Make it Tough for Minorities to get a Leg up.”

“I Believe that If you Show people the Problems and you Show them the Solutions they will be Moved to Act.”

“Everyone Needs a Coach. It Doesn’t Matter whether you’re a Basketball player, a Tennis player, a Gymnast or a Bridge player.”

“Television is Not Real Life. In Real Life people actually have to Leave the Coffee shop and Go to Jobs.”

“Power comes Not from Knowledge Kept but from Knowledge Shared.”

“To Win Big, you Sometimes have to Take Big Risks.”

“Intellectual Property has the shelf Life of a Banana.”

“Don’t Compare yourself with Anyone in this World. If you Do so, you are Insulting Yourself.”

“The First Rule of any Technology Used in a Business is that Automation applied to an Efficient operation will Magnify the Efficiency. The Second is that Automation applied to an Inefficient operation will Magnify the Inefficiency.”

“Be Nice to Nerds. Chances are you’ll End up Working for One.”

“People always Fear Change. People Feared Electricity when it was Invented, didn’t They?”

“Treatment without Prevention is Simply Unsustainable.”

“As we Look ahead into the Next Century, Leaders will be those who Empower others.”

“The General idea of the Rich Helping the Poor, I Think, is Important.”

“If I’d had Some set idea of a Finish line, Don’t you Think I would have Crossed it Years ago?”

“Great Organizations Demand a High level of Commitment by the people Involved.”

“If you Think your Teacher is Tough, Wait till you get a Boss.”

“Software is a Great Combination between Artistry and Engineering.”

“We’ve got to Put a lot of Money into Changing Behavior.”

“Technology is Unlocking the Innate Compassion we have for our Fellow Human beings.”

“If you Go back to 1800, Everybody was Poor. I mean Everybody. The Industrial Revolution Kicked in, and a lot of Countries Benefited, but by No means Everyone.”

“Microsoft is Not about Greed. It's about Innovation and Fairness.”

“If you Can't Make it Good, at least Make it Look good.”

“Success today Requires the Agility and Drive to Constantly Rethink, Reinvigorate, React, and Reinvent.”

“Legacy is a Stupid Thing! I don't Want a Legacy.”

“Look at the Clock when you are Sitting idle. But Never Look at the Clock when you are Working.”

“We get Comfort from those who Agree with Us, but We get Growth from only those who don't Agree with Us!”