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  Top 50 C. S. Lewis Quotes

“True Humility is Not Thinking less of Yourself; it is Thinking of Yourself less.”

C. S. Lewis

“Love is Something more Stern and Splendid than Mere Kindness.”

“Some day you will be Old Enough to Start Reading Fairy tales again.”

“Isn't it Funny how Day by Day Nothing Changes, but when You Look back, Everything is Different.”

“Failures, Repeated Failures, are Finger posts on the Road to Achievement. One Fails forward toward Success.”

“You can Never get a Cup of Tea large Enough or a Book long Enough to Suit me.”

“I Believe in Christianity as I Believe that the Sun has Risen: Not only because I see it, but because by it I see Everything else.”

“You Can't Go back and Change the Beginning, but You can Start where You are and Change the Ending.”

“It Cost God Nothing, so Far as we Know, to Create nice Things: but to Convert Rebellious wills Cost him Crucifixion.”

“You Don't have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a Body.”

“The Son of God became a Man to Enable Men to become Sons of God.”

“Friendship is Born at that Moment when One Person says to Another: What! You too? I Thought I was the Only One.”

“Life with God is Not Immunity from Difficulties, but Peace in Difficulties.”

“A Children's Story that can only be Enjoyed by Children is Not a Good Children's Story in the Slightest.”

“Education Without Values, as Useful as it is, Seems rather to make Man a more Clever Devil.”

“Aim at Heaven and You will get Earth Thrown in. Aim at Earth and You get neither.”

“Humility is Not Thinking less of Yourself, it's Thinking of Yourself less.”

“Joy is the Serious Business of Heaven.”

“Nothing you have Not Given away will Ever Really be yours.”

“If we Find ourselves with a Desire that Nothing in this World can Satisfy, the most Probable Explanation is that We were Made for another World.”

“Friendship is Unnecessary, like Philosophy, like Art... It has No Survival Value; rather it is One of those Things that give Value to Survival.”

“I sometimes Wonder whether all Pleasures are Not Substitutes for Joy.”

“In our Own Case we Accept Excuses too Easily; in other People’s, We do Not Accept them Easily enough.”

“I Can't Imagine a Man Really Enjoying a Book and Reading it only Once.”

“If you Live for the Next World, you get this One in the Deal; but if you Live only for this World, you Lose them Both.”