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  Top 50 Chanakya Quotes

“God is Not Present in Idols. Your Feelings are Your God. The Soul is Your Temple.”


“All the Creatures are Pleased by Loving Words; and therefore we should Address Words that are Pleasing to all, for there is No Lack of Sweet Words.”

“As soon as the Fear Approaches Near, Attack and Destroy it.”

“Don't Judge the Future of a person based on his Present Conditions, because Time has the Power to Change Black Coal to Shiny Diamond.”

“Education is the Best Friend. An Educated person is Respected everywhere. Education Beats the Beauty and the Youth.”

“Avoid him who Talks Sweetly before you but Tries to Ruin you Behind your Back, for he is Like a Pitcher of Poison with Milk on Top.”

“A Good Wife is One who Serves her Husband in the Morning like a Mother does, Loves him in the day like a Sister does and Pleases him like a Prostitute in the Night.”

“If a King is Energetic, his Subjects will be Equally Energetic.”

“A person should Not be too Honest. Straight Trees are Cut first and Honest people are Screwed first.” 

“The World's Biggest Power is the Youth and Beauty of a Woman.”

“The Biggest Guru-Mantra is: Never Share your Secrets with anybody. It will Destroy you.”

“Once you Start a Working on something, Don't be Afraid of Failure and Don't Abandon it. People who Work Sincerely are the Happiest.”

“There is some Self-interest Behind every Friendship. There is No Friendship without Self-interests. This is a Bitter Truth.”

“We should not Fret for what is Past, nor should we be Anxious about the Future; men of Discernment Deal only with the Present Moment.”

“God dwells Not in the Wooden, or Stone or Earthen Idols. His abode is in our Feeling, our Thoughts. It is only through the Feeling that we Deem God existing in these Idols.”

“The Fragrance of Flowers Spreads only in the Direction of the Wind. But the Goodness of a person Spreads in all Directions.”

“He who is Not Shy in the Acquisition of Wealth, Grain and Knowledge, and in Taking his Meals, will be Happy.”

“He who be Friends a man whose Conduct is Vicious whose Vision Impure, and who is Notoriously crooked, is Rapidly Ruined.”

“Books are as Useful to a Stupid person as a Mirror is Useful to a Blind person.”

“Test a Servant while in the Discharge of his Duty, a Relative in Difficulty, a Friend in Adversity, and a Wife in Misfortune.”

“Foolishness is Indeed Painful, and Verily so is Youth, but more Painful by far than either is being Obliged in another Person's House.”

“Never make Friends with people who are Above or Below you in Status. Such Friendships will Never Give you any Happiness.”

“Even if a Snake is Not Poisonous, it should Pretend to be Venomous.”

“The Learned are Envied by the Foolish; Rich men by the Poor; Chaste Women by Adulteresses; and Beautiful Ladies by Ugly ones.”

“The Happiness and Peace Attained by those Satisfied by the Nectar of Spiritual Tranquillity is Not attained by Greedy persons Restlessly Moving here and there.”

“The Foolish Wish to Speak out what was Spoken in Secret by The Master.”

“Charity Puts and End to Poverty; Righteous Conduct to Misery; Discretion to ignorance; and Scrutiny to Fear.”

“Skills are called Hidden Treasure as they Save like a Mother in a Foreign Country.”

“A woman does Not become Holy by Offering by Charity, by Observing Hundreds of Fasts, or by Sipping Sacred Water, as by Sipping the Water used to Wash her Husbands Feet.”

“As long as your Body is Healthy and under Control and Death is Distant Try to Save your Soul; when Death is immanent what can You do?”

“The Earth is Supported by the Power of Truth; it is the Power of Truth that Makes the Sun shine and the Winds blow; indeed all things rest upon Truth.”

“For the Moon, though One, Dispels the Darkness, which the Stars, though Numerous, can Not.”

“Purity of Speech, of the Mind, of the Senses, and of a Compassionate Heart are Needed by one who Desires to Rise to the Divine platform.”

“The Life of an Uneducated man is as Useless as the Tail of a Dog which neither Covers its Rear end, nor Protects it from the Bites of Insects.”

“It is Better to Die than to Preserve this Life by Incurring Disgrace. The Loss of Life causes but a Moment's Grief, but Disgrace brings Grief every day of one's Life.”

“As a Single withered Tree, if set a Flame, causes a whole Forest to Burn, so does a Rascal Son Destroy a whole Family.”

“A man is Great by Deeds, Not by Birth.”

 “There is No Enemy like Infatuation and Fire like Wrath.”

“Knowledge is Lost without Putting it into Practice; a man is Lost Due to Ignorance; an Army is Lost without a Commander; and a Woman is Lost without a Husband.”

“There is No Austerity equal to a Balanced mind, and there is No Happiness equal to Contentment; there is No Disease like Covetousness, and No Virtue like Mercy.”