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“A Man's Friendships are One of The Best Measures of his Worth.”

Charles Darwin

“A man who Dares to Waste one hour of Time has Not Discovered the Value of Life.”

“The Love for all Living Creatures is the most Noble Attribute of Man.”

“In the Long History of Humankind (and Animal kind, too) those who Learned to Collaborate and Improvise most Effectively have Prevailed.”

“The very Essence of Instinct is that it's Followed Independently of Reason.”

“Animals, whom we have Made our Slaves, we do Not Like to Consider our Equal.”

“The World will Not be Inherited by the Strongest, it will be Inherited by those Most Able to Change.”

“I Love Fools' Experiments. I am always Making them.”

“If I had my Life to Live over Again, I would have Made a Rule to Read some Poetry and Listen to some Music at least once Every Week.”

“The Mystery of the Beginning of all Things is Insoluble by us; and I for One must be Content to Remain an Agnostic.”

“Nothing exists for itself Alone, but Only in Relation to other Forms of Life.”

“A Moral being is One who is Capable of Reflecting on his Past actions and their Motives of Approving of some and Disapproving of Others.

“It is Not the Biggest, the Brightest or the Best that will Survive, but those who Adapt the Quickest.”

“Man tends to Increase at a Greater Rate than his Means of Subsistence.”

“We must, however, Acknowledge, as it Seems to me, that Man with all his Noble Qualities... still Bears in his Bodily frame the indelible Stamp of his Lowly Origin.”

“The highest Possible stage in Moral Culture is when we Recognize that we ought to Control our Thoughts.”

“I have Called this Principle, by which each Slight Variation, if Useful, is Preserved, by the Term of Natural Selection.”

“The more One Thinks, The more One Feels the Hopeless immensity of Man's Ignorance.”

“We Stopped looking for Monsters under our Bed when we Realized that they were Inside Us.”

“Man Tends to Increase at a Greater Rate than his Means of Subsistence.”

“My Mind seems to have Become a Kind of Machine for Grinding general Laws out of Large Collections of Facts.”

“There is No Fundamental Difference between Man and Animals in their Ability to Feel Pleasure and Pain, Happiness, and Misery.”

“On the Ordinary view of each Species having been Independently Created, we Gain No Scientific Explanation.”

“In the Struggle for Survival, the Fittest Win out at the Expense of their Rivals because they Succeed in Adapting themselves Best to their Environment.”

“An American Monkey, after getting Drunk on Brandy, would Never Touch it again, and thus is much Wiser than most Men.”

“Man is Descended from a Hairy, Tailed Quadruped, Probably Arboreal in its Habits.”

“A Scientific man ought to have No Wishes, No Affections, - a mere Heart of Stone.”

“A Mathematician is a Blind man in a Dark room Looking for a Black Cat which isn't there.”

“Intelligence is based on how Efficient a Species became at Doing the things they Need to Survive.”

“It is Impossible to Concieve of this Immense and Wonderful Universe as the Result of Blind Chance or Necessity.”

“A Fair Result can be Obtained only by Fully Stating and Balancing the Facts and Arguments on both sides of each Question.”

“How Paramount the Future is to the Present when One is Surrounded by Children.”

“One General Law, Leading to the Advancement of all Organic beings, Namely, Multiply, Vary, let the Strongest live and the Weakest die.”

“I am Sorry to have to Inform you that I do Not Believe in the Bible as a Divine Revelation, & therefore Not in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.”

“Besides Love and Sympathy, Animals Exhibit other Qualities connected with the Social Instincts which in us would be called Moral.”