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  Top 50 Dalai Lama Quotes

“Be Kind whenever Possible. It is always Possible.”

Dalai Lama

“My Faith helps me overcome such Negative Emotions and Find my Equilibrium.”

“The Goal is Not to be Better than the Other man, but your Previous self.”

“Love and Compassion are Necessities, Not Luxuries. Without them Humanity cannot Survive.”

“Happiness is Not something Ready made. It Comes from your Own Actions.”

“Give the ones you Love Wings to Fly, Roots to Come back and Reasons to stay.”

“The whole Purpose of Religion is to Facilitate Love and Compassion, Patience, Tolerance, Humility, and Forgiveness.”

“Love is the Absence of Judgment.”

“True Friendship Develops Not as a Result of Money or Power but on the Basis of Genuine Human Affection.”

“Remember that the Best Relationship is One in which your Love for each other Exceeds your Need for each other.”

“Silence is Sometimes the Best Answer.”

“Remember that sometimes Not Getting what you Want is a Wonderful Stroke of Luck.”

“The Best Way to Resolve any Problem in the Human World is for all Sides to Sit Down and Talk.”

“Calm Mind brings Inner Strength and Self-Confidence, so that's very Important for Good Health.”

“A Lack of Transparency Results in Distrust and a Deep Sense of Insecurity.”

“The Roots of all Goodness Lie in the Soil of Appreciation for Goodness.”

“In our Struggle for Freedom, Truth is the only Weapon we Possess.”

“Our Prime Purpose in this Life is to Help others. And if you Can’t Help them, at least Don’t Hurt them.”

“Sleep is the Best Meditation.”

“Share your Knowledge. It is a Way to Achieve Immortality.”

“The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy.”

“Time Passes Unhindered. When we make Mistakes, we Cannot Turn the Clock back and Try again. All we can Do is use the Present Well.”

“Look at Situations from all Angles, and you will Become more Open.”

“If you Think you are Too Small to make a Difference, Try Sleeping with a Mosquito.”

“Know the Rules Well, so you can Break them Effectively.”

“Do Not Let the Behavior of others Destroy your Inner Peace.”

“Home is where you Feel at Home and are Treated Well.”

“We can Never Obtain Peace in the Outer World until we Make Peace with Ourselves.”

“When you Talk you are only Repeating something you already Know. But, if you Listen you may Learn something New.”

“Choose to be Optimistic, it Feels Better.”

“All Religions Try to Benefit people, with the same Basic Message of the Need for Love and Compassion, for Justice and Honesty, for Contentment.”

“All Suffering is Caused by ignorance. People Inflict Pain on others in the Selfish Pursuit of their Own Happiness or Satisfaction.”

“This is my Simple Religion. No Need for Temples. No Need for Complicated Philosophy. Your own Mind, your own Heart is the Temple. Your Philosophy is Simple Kindness.”

“If it can be Solved, there's No Need to Worry, and if it Can't be Solved, Worry is of No Use.”

“I Describe myself as a simple Buddhist Monk. No More, No Less.”

“The Ultimate source of Happiness is Not Money and Power, but Warm-Heartedness”

“The Challenge Today is to Convince people of the Value of Truth, Honesty, Compassion and a Concern for others.”

“When you Think Everything is someone else's Fault, you will Suffer a lot. When you Realize that Everything Springs only from Yourself, you will Learn both Peace and Joy.”

“Appearance is something Absolute, but Reality is Not that Way; Everything is Interdependent, Not Absolute.”

“It is Very Rare or almost Impossible that an Event can be Negative from all Points of View.”

“Judge your Success by what you had to Give up in Order to Get it.”

“The Greater the Level of Calmness of our Mind, the Greater our Peace of Mind, the Greater our Ability to Enjoy a Happy and Joyful Life.”

“World belongs to Humanity, Not this Leader, that Leader or that King or Prince or Religious Leader. World belongs to Humanity.”

“Pain can Change you, but that Doesn't Mean it has to be a Bad Change. Take that Pain and Turn it into Wisdom.”

“The Important Thing is that Men should have a Purpose in Life. It should be something Useful, something Good.”