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  Top 50 Deepak Chopra Quotes

“You Alone are The Judge of Your Worth and your Goal is to Discover Infinite Worth in Yourself, No Matter what anyone else Thinks.”

Deepak Chopra

“Every time you are Tempted to React in the Same old Way, ask if you Want to be a Prisoner of the Past or a Pioneer of the Future.”

“The most Creative act you will ever Undertake is the Act of Creating Yourself.”

“The Greatest Mystery of Existence is Existence itself.”

“When you Make a Choice, you Change the Future.”

“The Highest Levels of Performance come to people who are Centered, Intuitive, Creative, and Reflective; people who Know to see a Problem as an Opportunity.”

“You must Find the Place inside Yourself where Nothing is Impossible.”

“Love Doesn’t Need Reason. It Speaks from the Irrational Wisdom of the Heart.”

“The Less you Open your Heart to Others, the more your Heart Suffers.”

“Always Go with your Passions. Never ask Yourself if it's Realistic or Not.”

“Be Happy for No Reason, Like a Child. If you are Happy for a Reason, You’re in Trouble, Because that Teason can be Taken from You.”

“When you Struggle with your Partner, you are Struggling with Yourself. Every Fault you See in them Touches a Denied Weakness in Yourself.”

“Our Minds Influence the Key activity of the Brain, which then Influences Everything; Perception, Cognition, Thoughts and Feelings, Personal Relationships; They're all a Projection of You.”

“The way you Think, The way you Behave, The way you Eat, can Influence your Life by 30 to 50 years.”

“No Matter what the Situation, Remind yourself 'I have a Choice'.”

“There are No Extra Pieces in the Universe. Everyone is here Because he or she has a Place to Fill, and every Piece must Fit itself into the Big jigsaw Puzzle.”

“If you Try to get Rid of Fear and Anger without Knowing their Meaning, They will Grow Stronger and Return.”

“Happiness is a Continuation of Happenings which are Not Resisted.”

“Meditation makes the Entire Nervous system go into a Field of Coherence.”

“The Ultimate Goal of all Goals is to be Happy. If you Want to be Happy Make someone else Happy.”

“But the Real Secret to Lifelong Good Health is Actually the Opposite: Let your Body Take Care of You.”

“It is The Nature of Babies to be in Bliss.”

“Karma, when Properly Understood, is just the Mechanics through which Consciousness Manifests.”

“In the Midst of Movement and Chaos, Keep Stillness inside of You.”

“You are the Most Important part of the Family. Take care of Yourself first. Then you'll be Able to Take care of Everyone else even Better.”

“Anything that is of Value in Life only Multiplies when it is Given.”

“Holding on to Anything is Like Holding on to your Breath. You will Suffocate. The only Way to get Anything in the Physical Universe is by letting Go of it. Let go and it will be Yours Forever.”

“Even when you Think you have your Life all Mapped out, Things happen that Shape your Destiny in ways you might Never have Imagined.”

“The Intention to Live as long as Possible isn’t One of the Mind’s Best Intentions, Because Quantity isn’t the Same as Quality.”

“Success Comes when People Act together; Failure Tends to happen Alone.”

“Every person is a God in Embryo. Its only Desire is to be Born.”

“Life Gives you Plenty of Time to do Whatever you Want to do if You Stay in the Present Moment.”

“If You have your Full Attention in the Moment, you will See only Love.”

“Sex is Always about Emotions. Good Sex is about Free Emotions; Bad Sex is about Blocked Emotions.”

“Modern Medicine, for all its Advances, Knows Less than 10 percent of what your Body Knows Instinctively.”

“Passivity is the same as Defending Injustice.”

“Mathematics Expresses Values that Reflect the Cosmos, Including Orderliness, Balance, Harmony, Logic, and Abstract Beauty.”

“We are who We are, and when You Accept people Instead of Trying to Change them to Fit your Needs, your Relationships can Fully Blossom.”

“If you Focus on Success, You’ll have Stress. But if you Pursue Excellence, Success will be Guaranteed.”

“Walk with those Seeking Truth… Run from those Who Think they’ve Found it.”