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  Top 50 Dr. Seuss Quotes

“Don't Cry because it's Over, Smile because it Happened.”

Dr. Seuss

“You Know you’re in Love when you Can’t Fall Asleep because Reality is Finally Better than your Dreams.”

“It’s Not about What it is, It’s about What it can Become.” 

“Today I shall Behave, as If this is the Day I will be Remembered.”

“You're Never too Old, too Wacky, too Wild, to Pick up a Book and Read to a Child.”

“Unless someone Like you Cares a whole Awful lot, Nothing is going to get Better. It's Not.”

“Sometimes the Questions are Complicated and the Answers are Simple.”

“I am Weird, you are Weird. Everyone in this World is Weird. One day Two people come together in Mutual Weirdness and Fall in Love.”

“Fantasy is a Necessary Ingredient in Living, it’s a Way of looking at Life through the Wrong End of a Telescope.”

“The Storm starts, when the Drops start Dropping. When the Drops stop Dropping then the Storm starts Stopping.”

“Think left and Think Right and Think low and Think high. Oh, the Thinks you can Think up if only you Try!”

“Be who you are and Say what you Feel because those who Mind Don't Matter and those who Matter Don't Mind. Don't Cry because it's Over. Smile because it Happened.”

“When something Bad Happens you have Three Choices. You can either let it Define you, let it Destroy you, or you can let it Strengthen you.”

“From there to here, and here to there, Funny Things are Everywhere.”

“You’ll Miss the Best Things if you Keep your Eyes Shut.”

“Today You are You! That is Truer than True! There is No one Alive who is You-er than You!”

“The more that you Read, the more Things you will Know. The more that you Learn, the more Places you'll Go.”

“You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your Mountain is Waiting, So... Get on your Way!”

“Think and Wonder. Wonder and Think.”

“It is Better to Know how to Learn than to Know.”

“You have Brains in your Head. You have Feet in your Shoes. You can Steer yourself any Direction you Choose.”

“I Speak for the Trees, for the Trees have No Tongues.”

“I Like Nonsense; it Wakes up the Brain cells.”

“You have to be Odd to be Number One.”

“Today was Good. Today was Fun. Tomorrow is another One.”

“They say I’m Old-Fashioned, and Live in the Past, but Sometimes I Think Progress Progresses too Fast!”

“Sometimes you will Never Know the Value of something, until it Becomes a Memory.”

“I Meant what I Said and I Said what I Meant.”

“Adults are just Obsolete Children and The Hell with them.”

“Be Sure when you Step, Step with Care and Great Tact. And Remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.”

“It is Fun to have Fun. But you have to Know How.”

“How did it get so Late so Soon? It's Night before it's Afternoon. December is here before it's June. My Goodness how The Time has Flewn. How did it get so Late so Soon?”

“Sleep is Like the Unicorn - it is Rumored to Exist, but I Doubt I will See any.”

“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch Thought, Doesn't come from a Store.”

“He who makes a Beast out of himself gets Rid of the Pain of Being a Man.”

“Only you can Control your Future.”

“The Sun did Not Shine. It was too Wet to Play. So we Sat in the House All that Cold, Cold, Wet day.”

“You’ll be on your Way up! You’ll be Seeing Great Sights! You’ll Join the high Fliers who Soar to high Heights.”

“Take every Chance. Drop every Fear.”

“Remember Me and Smile, for it's Better to Forget than to Remember Me and Cry.”

“I'm Afraid that sometimes you'll Play Lonely Games too. Games you Can't Win cause you'll Play Against you.”

“You can Get Help from Teachers, but You are Going to have to Learn a lot by Yourself, Sitting Alone in a Room.”

“I know, Up on Top you are Seeing Great Sights, But Down here at the Bottom, we, too, should have Rights.”

“So the Writer who Breeds more Words than he Needs, is Making a Chore for the Reader who Reads.”

“And the Turtles, of course...all the Turtles are Free, as Turtles and, maybe, all Creatures should be.”

“You Ought to be Thankful, a whole Heaping lot, for The Places and People you’re Lucky you’re Not!”

“I start Drawing, and eventually The Characters Involve themselves in a Situation. Then in the End, I Go back and Try to Cut out Most of the Preachments.”

“When he Worked, he Really Worked. But when he Played, he Really PLAYED.”

“So, Open your Mouth, Lad! For every Voice Counts!”

“Life’s too Short to Wake up with Regrets. So Love the people who Treat you Right, Forgive the Ones who Don’t and Believe that everything Happens for a Reason. If you Get a Chance, Take it. If it Changes your Life, let it. Nobody said it’d be Easy, they just Promised it would be Worth it.”