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  Top 50 Elbert Hubbard Quotes

“The Greatest Mistake You can Make in Life is to Be Continually Fearing You will Make One.”

Elbert Hubbard

“An Enemy is Anyone who Tells the Truth about You.”

“The Best Preparation for Good work Tomorrow is to do Good work Today.”

“To Avoid Criticism, Do nothing, Say Nothing and be Nothing.”

“Do your Work with Your whole Heart, and you will Succeed - there's so Little Competition.”

“Dreams can Come True, but There is a Secret. They're Realized through The Magic of Persistence, Determination, Commitment, Passion, Practice, Focus and Hard work. They Happen a Step at a Time, Manifested Over Years, Not Weeks.”

“He who does Not Understand your Silence will Probably Not Understand your Words.”

“Positive anything is Better than Negative Nothing.”

“Do Not Take Life too Seriously. You will Never get out of it Alive.”

“Men are only as Great as They are Kind.”

“The Greatest mistake you can Make in Life is Continually Fearing that you'll Make One.”

“We Awaken in Others the same Attitude of Mind we Hold Toward them.”

“There is No Failure except in No longer Trying.”

“A Friend is Someone who Knows all about You and still Loves You.”

“Little Minds are Interested in the Extraordinary; Great Minds in the Commonplace.”

“The Secret of Success is this: There is No Secret of Success.”

“Victory; a Matter of Staying Power.”

“Love Grows by Giving. The Love we Give away is the only Love we Keep. The only Way to Retain Love is to Give it away.”

“A man is Not Paid for having a Head and Hands, but for Using them.”

“Responsibility is The Price of Freedom.”

“Be Pleasant until Ten O'clock in the Morning and The Rest of the Day will Take care of Itself.”

“Where Parents do too much for their Children, The Children will Not do much for Themselves.”

“Every Quarrel Begins in Nothing and Ends in a Struggle for Supremacy.”

“Never Explain... your Friends do Not Need it and your Enemies will Not Believe you Anyway.”

“I Believe the Only way We can Reach the Kingdom of Heaven is to have the Kingdom of Heaven in our Hearts.”

“He has Achieved Success who has Worked Well, Laughed often, and Loved much.”

“God will Not Look you over for Medals Degrees or Diplomas, but for Scars.”

“Happiness is a Habit - Cultivate it.”

“Art is Not a Thing; it is a Way.”

“The Cheerful Loser is the Winner.”

“The Object of Teaching a Child is to Enable him to Get along Without a Teacher.”

“The Love we Give away is the only Love we Keep.”

“The Recipe for Perpetual Ignorance is: be Satisfied with your Opinions and Content with your Knowledge.”

“The Cheerful Loser is the Winner.”

“Football: A Sport that Bears the same Relation to Education that Bullfighting does to Agriculture.”

“Never Explain - your Friends do Not Need it and your Enemies will Not Believe you Anyway.”

“A Little more Persistence, a Little more Effort, and what Seemed Hopeless Failure may Turn to Glorious Success.”

“The Friend is the Man who Knows all About you, and still Likes you.”

“You can Lead a boy to College, but you Cannot Make him Think.”

“We are Punished by our Sins, Not for them.”

“Know what you Want to do, Hold the Thought Firmly, and do Every day what should be Done, and every Sunset will See you that much Nearer to your Goal.”

“A Friend is One who Knows you and Loves you Just the Same.”

“One Machine can do the Work of Fifty Ordinary men. No Machine can do the Work of One Extraordinary man.”

“Every man is a Damn Fool for at Least Five minutes Every day; Wisdom Consists in Not Exceeding the Limit.”

“Thoroughness Characterizes all Successful men. Genius is the Art of taking Infinite Pains. All Great Achievement has been Characterized by Extreme care, Infinite Painstaking, even to the minutest Detail.”

“A Person Born with an Instinct for Poverty.”

“The Goal of Evolution is Self-Conquest.”

“A Woman can Defend her Virtue from Men much more Easily than she can Protect her Reputation from Women.”

“Life in Abundance comes only through Great Love.”

“I do Not Read a Book; I Hold a Conversation with the Author.”