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  Top 50 Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes

“Friendship with Ones self is all Important, because Without it One can Not Be Friends with anyone else in The World.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“Happiness is Not a Goal; it is a by-Product.”

“No one can Make you Feel Inferior Without your Consent.”

“No Matter how Plain a Woman may be, if Truth and Honesty are Written across her Face, She will be Beautiful.”

“The Future belongs to those who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams.”

“Ambition is Pitiless. Any Merit that it Cannot use it Finds Despicable.”

“A Woman is Like a Tea bag; you Never Know how Strong it is until it's in Hot water.”

“There are Practical little Things in Housekeeping which No man Really Understands.”

“With the new Day Comes new Strength and new Thoughts.”

“People Grow through Experience if they Meet Life Honestly and Courageously.”

“It isn't Enough to Talk about Peace. One must Believe in it. And it isn't Enough to Believe in it. One must Work at it.”

“Do what you Feel in your Heart to be Right for You’ll be Criticized anyway.”

“Hate and Force Cannot be in just a Part of the World Without having an Effect on the Rest of it.”

“A Stumbling block to the Pessimist is a Stepping-Stone to the Optimist.”

“Great Minds Discuss ideas; Average Minds Discuss events; Small Minds Discuss people.”

“The Purpose of Life is to Live it, to Taste Experience to the Utmost, to Reach out Eagerly and Without Fear for Newer and Richer Experience.”

“Do one Thing every Day that Scares You.”

“You must Do the Things you Think you Cannot do.”

“When you Cease to Make a Contribution, you Begin to Die.”

“Many people will Walk in and Out of your Life, but only True Friends will Leave Footprints in your Heart.”

“Since you Get more Joy out of Giving Joy to Others, you should put a Good Deal of Thought into the Happiness that you are Able to Give.”

“It is Better to Light a Candle than Curse the Darkness.”

“Beautiful Young people are Accidents of Nature, but Beautiful Old people are Works of Art.”

"Have Convictions. Be friendly. Stick to your Beliefs as they Stick to theirs. Work as Hard as they do."

“It is Not Fair to Ask of others what You are Not Willing to do Yourself.”

“Never Allow a Person to Tell you No who Doesn't have the Power to Say Yes.”

“If someone Betrays you Once, It’s their Fault; If they Betray you Twice, It’s your Fault.”

“You can often Change your Circumstances by Changing your Attitude.”

“The Marines I have seen around the World have the Cleanest Bodies, the Filthiest Minds, the Highest Morale, and the Lowest Morals of any Group of Animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!”

“Never Mistake Knowledge for Wisdom. One Helps you Make a Living; the other Helps you Make a Life.”

“I Think, at a Child's Birth, if a Mother could Ask a Fairy Godmother to Endow it with the Most Useful Gift, that Gift should be Curiosity.”

“A Stumbling Block to the Pessimist is a Stepping-Stone to the Optimist.”

“I’m so Glad I Never Feel Important, it does Complicate Life!”

“I Think that Somehow, we Learn who we Really are and then Live with that Decision.”

“If Life were Predictable it would Cease to be Life, and be Without Flavor.”

“When Life is too Easy for Us, we must Beware or we may Not be Ready to Meet the Blows which sooner or later Come to Everyone, Rich or Poor.”

“No One Won the Last War, and No One will Win the Next War.”

“Understanding is a Two-Way Street.”

“The only Things One can Admire at Length are those One Admires Without Knowing why.”

“I have Spent many Years of my Life in Opposition, and I rather Like the Role.”

“When will our Consciences Grow so Tender that we will Act to Prevent Human Misery rather than Avenge it?”

“What you Don’t do can be a Destructive Force.”

“It's Your Life-but only if You Make it so.”

“One’s Philosophy is Not best Expressed in words; it is Expressed in the Choices One makes… and the Choices we make are Ultimately our Responsibility.”

“Perhaps Nature is our Best Assurance of Immortality.”