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  Top 50 Elon Musk Quotes

“Life is too Short for Long-Term Grudges.”

Elon Musk

“I'm Extremely Confident that Solar will be at least a Plurality of Power, and Most Likely a Majority... in Less than 20 Years.”

“Failure is an Option here. If Things are Not Failing, You are Not Innovating Enough.”

“When something is Important Enough, You do it even if the Odds are Not in your Favor.”

“Patience is a Virtue, and I'm Learning Patience. It's a Tough Lesson.”

“What makes Innovative Thinking Happen?… I Think it’s Really a Mindset. You have to Decide.”

“I’ve actually Not Read any Books on Time Management.”

“If you Get up in the Morning and Think the Future is Going to be Better, it is a Bright Day.”

“Constantly Seek Criticism. A well Thought out Critique of what You're Doing is as Valuable as Gold.”

“I Think it is Possible for Ordinary people to Choose to be Extraordinary.”

“For me it was Never about Money, but Solving Problems for the Future of Humanity.”

“People should Pursue what They're Passionate about. That will make them Happier than Pretty much anything else.”

“Great Companies are Built on Great Products.”

“I Think it Matters whether Someone has a Good Heart.”

“Humans Need to be a Multiplanet Species.”

“Persistence is Very Important. You should Not Give up unless You are Forced to Give up.”

“I would Like to Die on Mars. Just Not on Impact.”

“You should Take the Approach that You’re Wrong. Your Goal is to be Less Wrong.”

“Some People Don't Like Change, but you Need to Embrace Change if the Alternative is Disaster.”

“It’s OK to have your Eggs in One Basket as Long as you Control what Happens to that Basket.”

“You get Paid in Direct Proportion to the Difficulty of Problems you Solve.”

“I Think you should always be Seeking Negative Feedback.”

“I Don't Think it's a Good idea to Plan to Sell a Company.”

“Many Things are Improbable, only a Few are Impossible.”

“I'm not Trying to be Anyone's Savior. I'm just Trying to Think about the Future and Not be Sad.”

“As much as Possible, Avoid Hiring MBAs. MBA programs Don’t Teach people how to Create Companies.”

“Any Product that Needs a Manual to Work is Broken.”

“When Henry Ford made Cheap, Reliable Cars people said, 'Nah, what's Wrong with a Horse?' That was a Huge bet he made, and it Worked.”

“I Don't Spend my Time Pontificating about High-Concept Things; I Spend my Time Solving Engineering and Manufacturing Problems.”

“I Think you should always Bear in Mind that Entropy is Not on your Side.”