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“The Dangerous Man is The One who has only One Idea, because then he'll Fight and Die for it.”

Francis Crick

“A Good Scientist values Criticism almost Higher than Friendship: No, in Science Criticism is The Height and Measure of Friendship.”

“There is No Scientific Study more Vital to Man than The Study of his Own Brain. Our Entire view of The Universe depends on it.”

“We've Discovered The Secret of Life.”

“It is Essential to Understand our Brains in some Detail if We are to Assess Correctly our Place in this Vast and Complicated Universe we See all around Us.”

“A Final Proof of our Ideas can only be Obtained by Detailed Studies on the Alterations Produced in the Amino acid sequence of a Protein by Mutations of the type Discussed here.”

“My own Prejudices are Exactly the Opposite of The Functionalists; “If you Want to Understand Function, Study Structure”.”

“Christianity may be OK between Consenting Adults in Private but should Not be Taught to Young Children.”

“Avoid The Temptation to Work so Hard that there is No Time Left for Serious Thinking.”

“Since I Essentially knew Nothing, I had an almost Completely free Choice.”

“Human beings... are Far too Prone to Generalize from one Instance. The Technical word for this, Interestingly enough, is Superstition.”

“The Ultimate Aim of the Modern Movement in Biology is in fact to Explain all Biology in Terms of Physics and Chemistry.”

“All Approaches at a Higher Level are Suspect until Confirmed at the Molecular Level.”

“You can do Reverse Engineering, but You Can’t do Reverse Hacking.”

“If Revealed Religions have Revealed anything it is that They are Usually Wrong.”