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Franklin D. Roosevelt Quotes

  Top 50 Franklin D. Roosevelt Quotes

“Great Power Involves Great Responsibility.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

“I Ask you to Judge me by the Enemies I have Made.”

“Happiness Lies in the Joy of Achievement and the Thrill of Creative Effort.”

“People Acting together as a Group can Accomplish Things which No Individual Acting alone could ever Hope to Bring about.”

“When you Come to the End of your Rope, Tie a Knot and Hang on.”

“The only Thing we have to Fear is Fear itself.”

“The only Limit to our Realization of Tomorrow will be our Doubts of Today.”

“Remember, Remember always, that all of Us, and You and I Especially, are Descended from Immigrants and Revolutionists.”

“The only Thing we have to Fear is Fear itself Nameless, Unreasoning, Unjustified Terror which Paralyzes Needed efforts to Convert Retreat into Advance.”

“We must Especially Beware of that Small group of Selfish men Who would Clip the Wings of the American Eagle in Order to Feather their Own Nests.”

“We Cannot always Build the Future for our Youth, but We can Build our Youth for the Future.”

“We are a Nation of many Nationalities, many Races, many Religions-bound together by a Single Unity, the Unity of Freedom and Equality. Whoever Seeks to set One Nationality against Another, Seeks to Degrade all Nationalities.”

“The Test of our Progress is Not whether we Add more to the Abundance of those Who have much; it is whether we Provide enough for those Who have too Little.”

“Human Kindness has Never Weakened the Stamina or Softened the Fiber of a Free people. A Nation does Not have to be Cruel to be Tough.”

“Repetition does Not Transform a Lie into a Truth.”

“The Virtues are Lost in Self-interest as Rivers are Lost in the Sea.”

“I'm Not the Smartest Fellow in the World, but I can Sure pick Smart Colleagues.”

“Never Underestimate a Man who Overestimates Himself.”

“There are Many ways of Going Forward, But only One way of Standing still.”

“True Individual Freedom Cannot exist Without Economic security and Independence. People who are Hungry and Out of a Job are the Stuff of which Dictatorships are Made.”

“In Politics, Nothing happens by Accident. If it happens, you can Bet it was Planned that Way.”

“When you See a Rattlesnake Poised to Strike, you do Not wait until he has Struck to Crush him.”

“Confidence... Thrives on Honesty, on Honor, on the Sacredness of Obligations, on Faithful Protection and on Unselfish Performance. Without them it Cannot Live.”

“To Reach a Port we must Set Sail – Sail, Not Tie at Anchor Sail, Not Drift.”

“Democracy Cannot Succeed unless those who Express their Choice are Prepared to Choose Wisely. The real Safeguard of Democracy, therefore, is Education.”

“Freedom of Speech is of No Use to a man who has Nothing to Say and Freedom of Worship is of No Use to a man who has Lost his God.”

“We Look forward to a World Founded upon four Essential Human Freedoms.  The First is Freedom of Speech and Expression.  The Second is Freedom of every Person to Worship God in his Own way. The Third is Freedom from Want.  The Fourth is Freedom from Fear.”

“A Nation that Destroys its Soils Destroys itself. Forests are the Lungs of our Land, Purifying the Air and Giving Fresh Strength to our People.”

“Freedom of Conscience, of Education, of Speech, of Assembly are among the Very Fundamentals of Democracy and all of them would be Nullified should Freedom of the Press ever be Successfully Challenged.”

“Courage is Not the Absence of Fear, But rather the Assessment that something else is More Important than Fear.”