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“It is Not a Lack of Love, but a Lack of Friendship that Makes Unhappy Marriages.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

“Sometimes people Don't Want to Hear the Truth because they Don't Want their illusions Destroyed.”

“Without Music, Life would be a Mistake.”

“To Live is to Suffer, to Survive is to Find some Meaning in the Suffering.”

“There are Two Different Types of People in the World, Those who Want to Know, and Those who Want to Believe.”

“The Snake which Cannot Cast its Skin has to Die. As well the Minds which are Prevented from Changing their Opinions; they Cease to be Mind.”

“You have Your Way. I have my Way. As for the Right Way, the Correct Way, and the only Way, it does Not Exist.”

“He who has a Why to Live can Bear almost any how.”

“I'm Not Upset that you Lied to Me, I'm Upset that from Now on I Can't Believe You.”

“Nobody is More Inferior than those who Insist on Being Equal.”

“Thoughts are the Shadows of our Feelings - always Darker, Emptier and Simpler.”

“Love is Blind. Friendship Closes its Eyes.”

“That which does Not Kill us Makes us Stronger.”

“Whenever I Climb I am Followed by a Dog called 'Ego'.”

“A Good Writer Possesses Not only his own Spirit but also the Spirit of his Friends.”

“There is always some Madness in Love. But there is also always some Reason in Madness.”

“All Truly Great Thoughts are Conceived by Walking.”

“It is my Ambition to Say in Ten Sentences what others Say in a whole Book.”

“Whoever Fights Monsters should See to it that in The Process he does Not become a Monster. And if you Gaze long Enough into an Abyss, the Abyss will Gaze back into You.”

“In Heaven, all the Interesting People are Missing.”

“There are No Facts, only Interpretations.”

“Enjoy life. This is Not a Dress Rehearsal.”

“Blessed are The Forgetful: for They get The Better even of Their Blunders.”

“The Essence of all Beautiful Art, all Great Art, is Gratitude.”

“I Cannot Believe in a God who Wants to be Praised all the Time.”

“In Individuals, Insanity is Rare; but in Groups, Parties, Nations and Epochs, it is The Rule.”

“Love your Enemies because They Bring out the Best in You.”

“The Earth has a Skin and that Skin has Diseases; one of its Diseases is called Man.”

“Man is The Cruelest Animal.”

“Every Deep Thinker is more Afraid of being Understood than of being Misunderstood.”