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“I have Never Met a Man so Ignorant that I couldn't Learn Something from him.”

Galileo Galilei

“All Truths are Easy to Understand once They are Discovered; The Point is to Discover them.”

“Where the Senses Fail us, Reason must Step in.”

“The Laws of Nature are Written by The Hand of God in the Language of Mathematics.”

“I do Not Feel Obliged to Believe that the same God who has Endowed us with Sense, Reason, and Intellect has Intended us to Forgo their Use.”

“You Cannot Teach a Man anything, you can only Help him Find it within Himself.”

“I have Loved The Stars too Fondly to be Fearful of The Night.”

“Knowing thyself, that is The Greatest Wisdom.”

“Passion is The Genesis of Genius.”

“The Sun, with all those Planets Revolving around it and Dependent on it, can still Ripen a Bunch of Grapes as if it had Nothing else in The Universe to do.”

“In Questions of Science, The Authority of a Thousand is Not worth The Humble Reasoning of a Single Individual.”

“Mathematics is The Language with which God has Written The Universe.”

“The Greatest Wisdom is to get to Know Oneself.”

“The Bible Shows the Way to go to Heaven, Not the Way the Heavens go.”

“Measure what can be Measured, and Make Measurable what Cannot be Measured.”

“It is Surely Harmful to Souls to Make it a Heresy to Believe what is Proved.”

“By denying Scientific Principles, One may Maintain any Paradox.”

“Holy Scripture could Never Lie or err...its Decrees are of Absolute and Inviolable Truth.”

“The Book of Nature is Written in The Language of Mathematics.”

“And, Believe me, if I were again Beginning my Studies, I should Follow the Advice of Plato and Start with Mathematics.”

“You may Force me to Say what you Wish; you may Revile me for Saying what I do. But it Moves.”

“Doubt is The Father of Invention.”

“The Greatness and The Glory of God shine forth Marvelously in all His works, and is to be Read above all in The open Book of The Heavens.”

“The Milky Way is Nothing else but a Mass of Innumerable Stars Planted together in Clusters.”

“Mathematics is The Key and Door to The Sciences.”

“I Entertain No Doubts as to The Truth of The Transfinites, which I have Recognized with God's Help.”

“It is a Beautiful and Delightful Sight to behold The Body of The Moon.”

“Science Proceeds more by what it has Learned to Ignore than what it Takes into Account.”

“I Abjure with a Sincere Heart and Unfeigned Faith, I Curse and Detest the said Errors and Heresies, and generally all and every Error and Sect contrary to the Holy Catholic Church.”

“Philosophy is Written in this Grand Book, The Universe, which Stands Continually open to our Gaze. But The Book Cannot be Understood unless one First Learns to Comprehend The Language and Read The Letters in which it is Composed.”