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  Top 50 George Sand Quotes

“Work is Not man's Punishment. It is his Reward and his Strength and his Pleasure.”

George Sand

“There is only One Happiness in Life, to Love and be Loved.”

“Let us Accept Truth, even when it Surprises us and Alters our Views.”

“Life in Common among People who Love each Other is The Ideal of Happiness.”

“Guard Well within yourself that Treasure, Kindness. Know how to Give without Hesitation, how to Lose without Regret, how to Acquire without Meanness.”

“No Human Creature can Give Orders to Love.”

“You may Impose Silence upon me, But you can Not Prevent me from Thinking.”

“The Prayers of a Lover are more Imperious than The Menaces of The whole World.”

“Try to Keep your Soul Young and Quivering Right up to Old age, and to Imagine Right up to The Brink of Death that Life is only Beginning. I Think that is the only Way to Keep Adding to One's Talent, and One's Inner Happiness.”

“We Cannot Tear out a Single page of our Life, but We can Throw the whole Book in The Fire.”

“One is Happy as a Result of One's own Efforts once One knows The Necessary Ingredients of Happiness: simple Tastes, a certain Degree of Courage, self Denial to a Point, Love of Work, and above all, a clear Conscience.”

“The artist Vocation is to Send Light into The Human Heart.”

“Simplicity is The most Difficult Thing to Secure in this World; it is The Last Limit of Experience and The Last Effort of Genius.”

“Nothing Resembles Selfishness more Closely than Self-respect.”

“The Beauty that Addresses itself to The Eyes is only The Spell of the Moment; The Eye of The Body is Not always that of The Soul.”

“One Changes from Day to Day, and... after a Few years have Passed One has Completely Altered.”

“The Intellect seeks, The Heart Finds.”

“He who Draws Noble Delights from Sentiments of Poetry is a True Poet, though He has Never Written a Line in all his Life.”

“It is a Mistake to Regard age as a Downhill Grade toward Dissolution. The Reverse is True. As One Grows older, One Climbs with Surprising strides.”

“Butterflies are but Flowers that Blew away One Sunny day when Nature was Feeling at her most Inventive and Fertile.”

“The Capacity of Passion is both Cruel and Divine.”

“Whoever has Loved knows all that Life Contains of Sorrow and Joy.”

“It is Love, Not Faith, that moves Mountains.”

“The Old Woman I shall Become will be quite Different from the Woman I am now. Another I is Beginning.”

“Charity Degrades those who Receive it and Hardens those who Dispense it.”

“Admiration and Familiarity are Strangers.”

“Know how to Replace in Your Heart, by The Happiness of those You Love, The Happiness that may be Wanting to Yourself.”

“Humanity is Outraged in me and with me. We must Not Dissimulate nor Try to Forget this Indignation, which is One of The most Passionate forms of Love.”

“The most Honest of Men is the One who Thinks and Acts Best, but The most Powerful is The One who Writes and Speaks Best.”

“The Trade of Authorship is a Violent, and Indestructible Obsession.”