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“True Friendship is a Plant of Slow Growth, and must Undergo and Withstand The Shocks of Adversity, before it is Entitled to The Appellation.”

George Washington

“Firearms Stand Next in Importance to The Constitution itself.”

“It is Better to Offer No Excuse than a Bad One.”

“My Mother was The most Beautiful Woman I ever Saw. All I am I owe to My Mother. I Attribute all my Success in Life to The Moral, Intellectual and Physical Education I Received from her.”

“The Future of this Nation Depends on The Christian Training of our Youth.”

“Do Not let anyone Claim Tribute of American Patriotism if they even Attempt to Remove Religion from Politics.”

“My First Wish is to See this Plague of Mankind, War, Banished from the Earth.”

“Liberty, when it Begins to take Root, is a Plant of Rapid Growth.”

“Guard against the Impostures of Pretended Patriotism.”

“The Constitution is The Guide which I Never will Abandon.”

“Labor to keep Alive in your Breast that Little Spark of Celestial Fire, called Conscience.”

“Observe Good Faith and Justice toward all Nations. Cultivate Peace and Harmony with all.”

“If Freedom of Speech is Taken away, then Dumb and Silent we may be Led, Like Sheep to The Slaughter.”

“I have always Considered Marriage as The most Interesting Event of One’s Life, The Foundation of Happiness or Misery.”

“Human Happiness and Moral Duty are Inseparably Connected.”

“What Students would Learn in American Schools above all is The Religion of Jesus Christ.”

“I Hope I shall Possess Firmness and Virtue enough to Maintain what I Consider The most Enviable of all Titles, The Character of an Honest man.”

“Happiness Depends more upon the Internal Frame of a Person’s own Mind, than on The Externals in The World.”

“To be Prepared for War is One of The most Effective Means of Preserving Peace.”

“99% of Failures Come from People who Make Excuses.”

“Worry is The Interest Paid by those who Borrow Trouble.”

“Laws Made by Common Consent must Not be Trampled on by Individuals.”

“Truth will Ultimately Prevail where there is Pains taken to Bring it to Light.”

“Perseverance and Spirit have Done Wonders in all Ages.”

“Religion and Morality are The Essential Pillars of Civil society.”

“A Sensible Woman can Never be Happy with a Fool.”

“Some day, Following the Example of the United States of America, there Will be a United States of Europe.”

“Discipline is the Soul of an Army. It makes Small numbers Formidable; Procures Success to the Weak, and Esteem to all.”

“If We are Wise, let Us Prepare for The Worst.”

“Experience Teaches Us that it is much Easier to Prevent an Enemy from Posting themselves than It is to Dislodge them after They have got Possession.”