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  Top 50 Henry David Thoreau Quotes

“The Language of Friendship is Not Words but Meanings.”

Henry David Thoreau

“Go Confidently in The Direction of your Dreams. Live the Life you have Imagined.”

“Men are Born to Succeed, Not to Fail.”

“Thank God men Cannot Fly, and Lay Waste The Sky as well as The Earth.”

“Rather than Love, than Money, than Fame, Give me Truth.”

“It's The Beauty within us that Makes it Possible for us to Recognize The Beauty around us.  The Question is Not what you Look at But what you See.”

“The Secret of Achievement is to Hold a Picture of a Successful outcome in Mind.”

“The most I can do for My Friend is Simply be his Friend.”

“True Friendship can afford True Knowledge. It does Not Depend on Darkness and Ignorance.”

“I Think we may Safely Trust a Good Deal more than We do.”

“It's Not what You Look at that Matters, It's what You See.”

“The Question is Not what You Look at, But what You See.”

“Youth gets together with their Materials to Build a Bridge to The Moon or maybe a Palace on Earth; then in Middle age they Decide to Build a Woodshed with them Instead.”

“The Mass of men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation.”

“Dreams are The Touchstones of our Characters.”

“The only People who Ever get Any Place Interesting are The People who get Lost.”

“An Early-Morning Walk is a Blessing for the whole Day.”

“Pursue some Path, however Narrow and Crooked, in which You can Walk with Love and Reverence.”

“What Lies Behind Us and what Lies ahead of Us are Tiny Matters Compared to what Lives within Us.”

“Do Not be too Moral. You may Cheat yourself Out of much Life so. Aim above Morality. Be Not simply Good, be Good for Something.”

“All Good Things are Wild, and Free.”

“There is No more Fatal Blunderer than he Who Consumes The Greater Part of his Life getting his Living.”

“There is No Remedy for Love but to Love More.”

“Our Life is Frittered away by Detail... Simplify, Simplify.”

“Books are The Treasured Wealth of The World and The Fit Inheritance of Generations and Nations.”

“Be Yourself- Not your Idea of what You Think somebody else's Idea of Yourself should be.”

“If a man does Not Keep Pace with his Companions, Perhaps it is Because he Hears a Different Drummer. Let him Step to The Music he Hears, however Measured or Far away.”

“That Government is Best which Governs least.”

“The Volatile Truth of our Words should Continually Betray The Inadequacy of The Residual statement.”

“The Price of anything is The Amount of Life you Exchange for it.”

“Time is but The Stream I go a-Fishing in.”

“Read The Best Books First, or You may Not have a Chance to Read them at all.”

“The Greatest Compliment that was ever Paid me was when One Asked me what I Thought, and Attended to my Answer.” 

“The Greatest Tragedy in Life is to Spend Your whole Life Fishing only to Discover it was Never Fish that You were After.”

“Nothing makes The Earth seem so Spacious as to have Friends at a Distance; They make The Latitudes and Longitudes.”

“A Man is Rich in Proportion to The Number of Things he can Afford to let Alone.”

“When it's Time to Die, let us Not Discover that We have Never Lived.”

“This World is but a Canvas to our Imagination.”

“I was Not Born to be Forced. I will Breathe after my Own Fashion. Let us See who is The Strongest.”

“Behave so The Aroma of your Actions may Enhance The General Sweetness of The Atmosphere.”

“It takes Two to Speak Truth - one to Speak, and Another to Hear.”

“Our Truest Life is when We are in Dreams Awake.”

“I had Three Chairs in my House; One for Solitude, Two for Friendship, Three for Society.”

“The Path of least Resistance leads to Crooked Rivers and Crooked Men.”

“If You have Built Castles in The Air, your Work Need Not be Lost; that is where They should be. Now put The Foundations Under them.”