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“I can Calculate The Motion of Heavenly Bodies, but Not The Madness of People.”

Isaac Newton

“Nature is Pleased with Simplicity. And Nature is No Dummy.”

“If I have Seen Further it is by Standing on The Shoulders of Giants.”

“Gravity Explains The Motions of The Planets, but it Cannot Explain who Sets The Planets in Motion.”

“To Every Action there is always Opposed an Equal Reaction.”

“Tact is The Knack of Making a Point without Making an Enemy.”

“What We Know is a Drop, what We Don't Know is an Ocean.”

“We Build too many Walls and Not Enough Bridges.”

“Live Your Life as an Exclamation rather than an Explanation.”

“To Myself I am only a Child Playing on The Beach, while Vast Oceans of Truth Lie Undiscovered before Me.”

“Truth is Ever to be Found in The Simplicity, and Not in The Multiplicity and Confusion of Things.”

“No Great Discovery was ever Made without a Bold Guess.”

“Live your Life as an Exclamation rather than an Explanation.”

“The Seed of a Tree has The Nature of a Branch or Twig or Bud. It is a Part of The Tree, but if Separated and Set in The Earth to be Better Nourished, The Embryo or Young Tree contained in it takes Root and Grows into a New Tree.”

“A Man may Imagine Things that are False, but He can only Understand Things that are True, for if The Things be False, The Apprehension of them is Not Understanding.”

“We Build too many Walls and Not enough Bridges.”

“To me there has Never been a Higher Source of Earthly Honor or Distinction than that Connected with Advances in Science.”

“Atheism is so Senseless. When I Look at The Solar system, I See The Earth at The Right Distance from The Sun to Receive The Proper Amounts of Heat and Light. This did Not happen by Chance.”

“My Powers are Ordinary. Only my Application Brings me Success.”

“This most Beautiful system of The Sun, Planets and Comets, could only Proceed from The Counsel and Dominion of an Intelligent and Powerful Being.”

“Genius is Patience.”

“What Goes up must Come down.”

“Whence Arises all that Order and Beauty we See in The World?”

“In The Absence of any Other Proof, The Thumb alone would Convince me of God's Existence.”

“The more Time and Devotion One Spends in The Worship of False Gods, the Less he is Able to Spend in that of The True One.”

“Sir Isaac Newton was Asked how he Discovered the Law of Gravity. He replied, By Thinking about it all The Time.”

“Plato is my Friend; Aristotle is my Friend, but my Greatest Friend is Truth.”

“Errors are Not in The Art but in The Artificers.”

“Yet One Thing Secures us what ever Betide, The Scriptures Assures us that The Lord will Provide.”

“A Passion for Calculus can Unlock New Worlds.”

“If I have Done The Public any Service, it is Due to my Patient Thought.”

“It is The Weight, Not Numbers of Experiments that is to be Regarded.”

“I do Not Know what I may appear to The World, but to Myself I seem to have been only Like a Boy Playing on The Sea-shore, and Diverting Myself in Now and then Finding a Smoother Pebble or a Prettier shell than Ordinary, whilst The Great Ocean of Truth lay all Undiscovered before Me.”

“The Best and Safest Method of Philosophizing seems to be First to Inquire Diligently into The Properties of Things, and Establishing those Properties by Experiments, and then to Proceed more Slowly to Hypotheses for The Explanation of them.”

“He who Thinks Half-heartedly will Not Believe in God; but He who Really Thinks has to Believe in God.”

“Don’t Doubt The Creator because It is Inconceivable that Accidents alone could be The Controller of this Universe.”

“Trials are Medicines which our Gracious and Wise Physician Prescribes because We Need them; and He Proportions The Frequency and Weight of them to what The Case Requires. Let us Trust his Skill and Thank him for his Prescription.”

“To Explain all Nature is too Difficult a Task for any One Man or even for any One Age.”

“We Account The Scriptures of God to be The Most Sublime Philosophy.”

“You have to Make The Rules, Not Follow them.”

“'God' is a Relative Word and has a Respect to Servants, and 'Deity' is The Dominion of God, Not over his own Body, as those Imagine who Fancy God to be The Soul of The World, but over Servants.”

“The more Time and Devotion One Spends in The Worship of False Gods, The Less He is Able to Spend in that of The True One.”

“God in The Beginning Formed Matter in Solid, Massy, Hard, Impenetrable, Movable Particles, of such Sizes and Figures, and with such other Properties, and in such Proportion to Space, as Most Conduced to The End for which He Formed them.”

“I have a Fundamental belief in The Bible as The Word of God, Written by those who were Inspired. I Study The Bible daily.”