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Top 10 Albert Einstein Quotes

Top 10 Albert Einstein Quotes

Name - Albert Einstein ( Physicist )

Born - March 14, 1879, Ulm, Württemberg, Germany

Died - April 18, 1955, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.

Education - Swiss Federal Polytechnic (1896–1900; B.A., 1900) University of Zurich (Ph.D., 1905)

Achievements - General Relativity, Special Relativity, Photoelectric Effect etc.

Popular Albert Einstein Quotes

01. “I have No Special Talents. I am only Passionately Curious.” Albert Einstein

02. “The Important Thing is Not to Stop Questioning. Curiosity has its Own Reason for Existing.” Albert Einstein

03. “Science without Religion is Lame, Religion without Science is Blind.” Albert Einstein

04. “There are only Two Ways to Live your Life. One is as though Nothing is a Miracle. The other is as though Everything is a Miracle.” Albert Einstein

05. “Life is Like Riding a Bicycle. To Keep your Balance, you must Keep Moving.” Albert Einstein

06. “A Clever person Solves a Problem. A Wise person Avoids it.” Albert Einstein

07. “Weakness of Attitude becomes Weakness of Character.” Albert Einstein

08. “The only Source of Knowledge is Experience.” Albert Einstein

09. “Gravitation is Not Responsible for people Falling in Love.” Albert Einstein

10. “Try Not to Become a Man of Success. Rather Become a Man of Value.” Albert Einstein


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