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“No Person is your Friend who Demands your Silence, or Denies your Right to Grow.”

 Alice Walker

“True Friendship comes when The Silence between Two People is Comfortable.”

 David Tyson

“Find a Group of People who Challenge and Inspire you; Spend a lot of Time with them, and it will Change your Life.”

 Amy Poehler

“Friendship is a Plant of Slow Growth and must Undergo and Withstand The Shocks of Adversity before it is Entitled to The Appellation.”

 George Washington

“There are No Faster or Firmer Friendships than those Formed between People who Love The same Books.”

 Irving Stone

“In The End, We will Remember Not The Words of our Enemies but The Silence of our Friends.”

 Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Friendship Marks a Life even more Deeply than Love. Love Risks Degenerating into Obsession, Friendship is Never anything but Sharing.”

 Elie Wiesel

“Sweet is The Memory of Distant Friends! Like The Mellow rays of The Departing Sun, it Falls Tenderly, yet Sadly, on The Heart.” 

 Washington Irving

“There is No Surer Foundation for a Beautiful Friendship than a Mutual Taste in Literature.”

 P.G. Wodehouse

“A Friend is what The Heart Needs all The Time.”

 Henry Van Dyke

“Anybody can Sympathise with The Sufferings of a Friend, but it Requires a very Fine Nature to Sympathise with a Friend’s Success.”

 Oscar Wilde

“What is a Friend? I will Tell You… It is Someone with whom You Dare to be Yourself.”

 Frank Crane

“If you Judge People, you have No Time to Love them.”

 Mother Teresa

“Do I Not Destroy my Enemies when I Make them my Friends?”

 Abraham Lincoln

“A True Friend Never gets in your Way unless you Happen to be Going Down.”

 Arnold H. Glasow

“Real Friendship, Like Real Poetry, is Extremely Rare and Precious as a Pearl.”

 Tahar Ben Jelloun

“Words are Easy, Like The Wind; Faithful Friends are Hard to Find.”

 William Shakespeare

“Share your Smile with The World. It's a Symbol of Friendship and Peace.”

 Christie Brinkley

“The Capacity for Friendship is God's Way of Apologizing for our Families.”

 Jay McInerney

“A single Rose can be my Garden… a Single Friend, my World.”

 Leo Buscaglia


“One Loyal Friend is Worth Ten Thousand Relatives.”


“Be Slow to Fall into Friendship, but when Thou Art in, Continue Firm and Constant.”


“All Love that has Not Friendship for its Base, is Like a Mansion Built upon The Sand.”

 Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“Tis The Privilege of Friendship to Talk Nonsense, and to have Her Nonsense Respected.”

 Charles Lamb

“A Friend is someone who Gives you Total Freedom to be Yourself.”

 Jim Morrison

“I Don't Need a Friend who Changes when I Change and who Nods when I Nod; my Shadow does that much Better.”


“Stay is a Charming Word in a Friend's Vocabulary.”

 Amos Bronson Alcott

“Wasn’t Friendship its own Miracle, The Finding of Another Person who Made The Entire Lonely World seem somehow Less Lonely?”

 Hanya Yanagihara

“A True Friend is Someone who is There for You when He'd rather be Anywhere else.”

 Len Wein

“The Trouble is Not in Dying for a Friend, but in Finding a Friend Worth Dying for.”

 Mark Twain

“No Friendship is an Accident.”

 O. Henry

“Can Miles Truly Separate you from Friends... If you Want to be with Someone you Love, are Not you Already there?”

 Richard Bach

“Some People Go to Priests; Others to Poetry; I to my Friends.”

 Virginia Woolf

“The Friend who Holds your Hand and Says The Wrong Thing is Made of Dearer Stuff than The One who Stays away.”

 Barbara Kingsolver

“My Friends have made The Story of my Life. In a Thousand ways They have Turned my Limitations into Beautiful Privileges.”

 Helen Keller

“Trust No Friend without Faults, and Love a Woman, but No Angel.” 

 Doris Lessing

“It Takes a Long Time to Grow an old Friend.”

 John Leonard

“When We seek to Discover The Best in others, We somehow Bring out The Best in ourselves.”

 William Arthur Ward

“Ten Minutes with a Genuine Friend is Better than years Spent with anyone Less.”

 Crystal Woods

“Friendship is The Shadow of The Evening, which Increases with The Setting Sun of Life.”

 Jean de La Fontaine