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“Friendship Multiplies The Good of Life and Divides The Evil.”

 Baltasar Gracian

“Wishing to be Friends is Quick Work, but Friendship is a Slow Ripening Fruit.”


“Don’t Make Friends who are Comfortable to be with. Make Friends who will Force You to Lever yourself up.”

 Thomas J. Watson

“Don't Walk Behind me; I may Not Lead. Don't Walk in Front of me; I may Not Follow. Just Walk Beside me and be my Friend.”

 Albert Camus

“Let there be No Purpose in Friendship Save The Deepening of The Spirit.”

 Kahlil Gibran

“Friendship is The only Cement that will ever Hold The World together.”

 Woodrow T. Wilson

“Friendship is Essentially a Partnership.”


“You can Make more Friends in Two months by Becoming Interested in Other People than you can in Two years by Trying to Get Other People Interested in you.”

 Dale Carnegie

“A Friend is One that Knows you as You are, Understands where You have been, Accepts what You have Become, and Still, Gently allows You to Grow.”

 William Shakespeare

“One Measure of Friendship consists Not in The Number of Things Friends can Discuss, but in The Number of Things They Need No longer Mention.”

 Clifton Fadiman

“A Tree is Known by its Fruit; a Man by his Deeds. A Good Deed is Never Lost; He who Sows Courtesy Reaps Friendship, and He who Plants Kindness gathers Love.”

Saint Basil