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“All my Life through, The New Sights of Nature made Me Rejoice Like a Child.”

Marie Curie

“I Like this Place and could Willingly Waste my Time in it.”

William Shakespeare

“Trees are Poems The Earth writes upon The Sky, We Fell them Down and Turn them into Paper, That We may Record our Emptiness.”

Khalil Gibran

“The Art of Medicine Consists in Amusing The Patient while Nature Cures The Disease.”


“If Nature put Not forth Her Power about The Opening of The Flower, who is it that could Live an Hour?”

Alfred Tennyson

“Man is Nature's Sole Mistake.”

W.S. Gilbert

“Man is The Most Insane Species. He Worships an Invisible God and Destroys a Visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature He’s Destroying is this God He’s Worshiping.”

Hubert Reeves

“Nature is Full of Wonders; every Atom is a Standing Miracle, and Endowed with such Qualities, as could Not be Impressed on it by a Power and Wisdom Less than Infinite.”

Joseph Addison

“That The Sea is One of The Most Beautiful and Magnificent Sights in Nature, all Admit.”

John Joly

“Nature is Not an Engineer or a Contractor, and I Myself am a Part of Nature.”

Albert Einstein

“I'm so Not Stylish by Nature, but I've Learned to Work with what I have.”

Julie Bowen

“Nature does Nothing Uselessly.”


“Nature is to Zoos as God is to Churches.”

Margaret Atwood

“The Beauty of The Natural World Lies in The Details.”

Natalie Angier

“Animals are such agreeable Friends - They ask No Questions; They Pass No Criticisms.”

George Eliot

“To Explain all Nature is too Difficult a Task for any One Man or even for any One Age.”

Isaac Newton