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“People Tell You that You Cannot, because They do Not.”

 Tim Fargo

“No One can Make you Feel Inferior Without your Consent.”

 Eleanor Roosevelt

“Your Intuition is The Pilot's Seat of your Soul. If you Don't Trust it, you'll Keep Missing The most Important of Destinations in Life.”

 Kaiden Blake

“All Things are Difficult before They are Easy.”

 Thomas Fuller

“Opportunities Don't Happen. You Create them.”

 Chris Grosser

“Don't let The Fear of Losing be Greater than The Excitement of Winning.

 Robert Kiyosaki

“You Can Not have a Positive Life and a Negative Mind.”

 Joyce Meyer

“A Positive Attitude can Really make Dreams come True – It did for Me.”

 David Bailey

“Life is a Gift, and it Offers us The Privilege, Opportunity, and Responsibility to Give something Back by Becoming more.” 

 Tony Robbins

“Don't Count The Days, Make The Days Count.”

 Muhammad Ali

“Thoughts are Magnetic. What We Think about We Attract.” 

 Jon Gordon

“Whole Worlds’ Darkness is Not enough to Dark The Blaze of a Candle.”

 Sarvesh Jain

“I Envisioned him Tied in a Chair, an Iron arrow Pointed at his Brow. Ah, The Power of Positive Thinking.”

 Red Tash

“I have Not Failed. I have Just Found 10,000 Ways that Won't Work.”

 Thomas A. Edison

“Positive Thinking can be Contagious being Surrounded by Winners helps You Develop into a Winner.”

 Arnold Schwarzenegger