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“Any Fool can Know. The Point is to Understand.”

Albert Einstein

“Knowledge Comes, but Wisdom Lingers.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

“Turn your Wounds into Wisdom.”

Oprah Winfrey

“The Older I get The more Wisdom I Find in The Ancient Rule of Taking First Things First. A Process which often Reduces The Most Complex Human Problem to a Manageable Proportion.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower

“All's Well that Ends Well.”

John Heywood

“You can Practice to Attain Knowledge, but you Can’t Practice to attain Wisdom.”

Herbie Hancock

“The Wise Man Doesn't Give The Right Answers, He Poses The Right Questions.”

Claude Levi-Strauss

“Necessity Teaches Wisdom, while Prosperity Makes Fools.”

Wellins Calcott

“The Search for Truth is more Precious than its Possession.”

Albert Einstein

“By Three Methods We may Learn Wisdom: First, by Reflection, which is Noblest; Second, by Imitation, which is Easiest; and Third by Experience, which is The Bitterest.”


“Between Saying and Doing, many a Pair of Shoes is Worn out.”

Iris Murdoch

“Common Sense is Genius Dressed in its Working Clothes.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“There is a Wisdom of The Head, and a Wisdom of The Heart.”

Charles Dickens

“There's Little Comfort in The Wise.”

Rupert Brooke

“Knowing others is Intelligence; knowing yourself is True Wisdom. Mastering others is Strength; Mastering yourself is True Power.”

Lao Tzu

“An Optimist is a Person who Sees a Green Light everywhere, while a Pessimist Sees only The Red Stoplight... The Truly Wise Person is Colorblind.”

Albert Schweitzer

“Wisdom is Found only in Truth.”

Johann Wolfgang

“It is Not that I'm so Smart. But I Stay with The Questions much Longer.”

Albert Einstein

“No Man was Ever Wise by Chance.”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“It Requires Wisdom to Understand Wisdom: The Music is Nothing if The Audience is Deaf.”

Walter Lippmann

“Silence is True Wisdom’s Best Reply.”


“God will Not Look you over for Medals, Degrees or Diplomas but for Scars.”

Elbert Hubbard

“From The Errors of others, a Wise Man Corrects His Own.”

Publilius Syrus

“Wisdom is Not Communicable. The Wisdom which a Wise Man Tries to Communicate always Sounds Foolish.... Knowledge can be Communicated, but Not Wisdom. One can Find it, Live it, do Wonders through it, but One Cannot Communicate and Teach it.”

Hermann Hesse

“Whenever you Find yourself on The Side of The Majority, it is Time to Pause and Reflect.”

Mark Twain

“Wisdom, Compassion, and Courage are The Three Universally Recognized Moral Qualities of Men.”


“Don't Waste your Time with Explanations: People only Hear what They Want to Hear.”

Paulo Coelho

“The Price of Wisdom is Eternal Thought.”

Frank Birch

“The Desire to Reach for The Stars is Ambitious. The Desire to Reach Hearts is Wise.”

Maya Angelou

“Knowledge Speaks, but Wisdom Listens”

Jimi Hendrix

“Honesty is The Best Policy.”

Benjamin Franklin

“Death is No More than Passing from One Room into another. But there's a Difference for Me, You know. Because in that other Room I shall be Able to See.”

Helen Keller

“It's Better to be a Lion for a Day than a Sheep all Your Life.”

Elizabeth Kenny

“Knowledge Comes, but Wisdom Lingers. It may Not be Difficult to Store up in The Mind a Vast Quantity of Facts within a Comparatively Short Time, but The Ability to form Judgments Requires The Severe Discipline of Hard work and The Tempering Heat of Experience and Maturity.”

Calvin Coolidge

“We must be Willing to let Go of The Life We Planned so as to have tThe Life that is Waiting for Us.”

Joseph Campbell

“The Final Wisdom of Life requires Not The Annulment of Incongruity but The Achievement of Serenity within and above it.”

Reinhold Niebuhr

“Hatred is Corrosive of a Person's Wisdom and Conscience; The Mentality of Enmity can Poison a Nation's Spirit, Instigate Brutal Life and Death Struggles, Destroy a Society's Tolerance and Humanity, and Block a Nation's Progress to Freedom and Democracy.”

Liu Xiaobo

“Try Not to Become a Man of Success, but a Man of Value. Look around at how People Want to Get more Out of Life than They put in. A Man of Value will Give more than He Receives. Be Creative, but Make Sure that what You Create is Not a Curse for Mankind.”

Albert Einstein

“Grief can be The Garden of Compassion. If you Keep your Heart Open through Everything, your Pain can Become your Greatest Ally in your Life's Search for Love and Wisdom.”


“To acquire Knowledge, One must Study; but to Acquire Wisdom, One must Observe.”

Marilyn vos Savant