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  Top 100 Nature Quotes

“Nature always Wears The Colors of The Spirit.”

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Look Deep into Nature, and then You will Understand Everything Better.”

 Albert Einstein

“Try to be a Rainbow in Someone else's Cloud.”

 Maya Angelou

“Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay Close to Nature. It will Never Fail you.”

 Frank Lloyd Wright

“Adopt The Pace of Nature: her Secret is Patience.”

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

“In every Walk with Nature One Receives Far more than He Seeks.”

 John Muir

“In all Things of Nature there is Something of The Marvelous.”


“The Butterfly Counts Not Months but Moments, and has Time enough.”

 Rabindranath Tagore

“If I were a Tree, I would have No Reason to Love a Human.”

 Maggie Stiefvater

“The Clearest Way into The Universe is through a Forest Wilderness.”

 John Muir

“Nature is Painting for Us, Day after Day, Pictures of Infinite Beauty.”

 John Ruskin

“Every Flower is a Soul Blossoming in Nature.”

 Gerard De Nerval

“I Believe that there is a Subtle Magnetism in Nature, which, if We Unconsciously yield to it, will Direct us aright.”

 Henry David Thoreau

“Nature is Pleased with Simplicity. And Nature is No Dummy.”

 Isaac Newton

“‚ÄčSnow was Falling, so much Like Stars Filling The Dark Trees that One could Easily Imagine its Reason for being was Nothing more than Prettiness.”

 Mary Oliver

“Forget Not that The Earth Delights to Feel your Bare Feet and The Winds Long to Play with your Hair.”

 Kahlil Gibran

“If you Truly Love Nature, you will Find Beauty Everywhere.”

 Vincent Van Gogh

“I can Find God in Nature, in Animals, in Birds and The Environment.”

 Pat Buckley

“Nature Holds The Key to our Aesthetic, Intellectual, Cognitive and even Spiritual Satisfaction.”

 E. O. Wilson

“It was for The Best, so Nature had No Choice but to Do it.”

 Marcus Aurelius

“I've always Regarded Nature as The Clothing of God.”

 Alan Hovhaness

“In The Spring, at The End of The Day, you should Smell Like Dirt.”

 Margaret Atwood

“Just Living is Not enough... One must have Sunshine, Freedom, and a Little Flower.”

 Hans Christian Andersen

“Nature is a Haunted House but Art... is a House that Tries to be Haunted.”

 Emily Dickinson

“The Most Beautiful Gift of Nature is that it gives One Pleasure to Look around and Try to Comprehend what We See.”

 Albert Einstein

“Wherever you Go, No Matter what The Weather, always Bring your own Sunshine.”

 Anthony J. D'Angelo

“Live in each Season as it Passes; Breathe The Air, Drink The Drink, Taste The Fruit, and Resign yourself to The Influence of The Earth.”

 Henry David Thoreau

“We Need to Find God, and He Cannot be Found in Noise and Restlessness. God is The Friend of Silence. See how Nature - Trees, Flowers, Grass- Grows in Silence; See The Stars, The Moon and The Sun, how They Move in Silence... We Need Silence to be Able to Touch Souls.”

Mother Teresa

“Flowers are The Sweetest Things God ever Made and Forgot to put a Soul into.”

 Henry Ward Beecher

“It Seems to Me that We all Look at Nature too much, and Live with Her too Little.”

 Oscar Wilde

“Nature is but a Name for an Effect, whose Cause is God.”

 William Cowper

“Nature is Indifferent to our Love, but Never Unfaithful.”

 Edward Abbey

“Those who Contemplate The Beauty of The Earth Find Reserves of Strength that will Endure as long as Life Lasts.”

 Rachel Carson

“Sunset is still my Favorite Color, and Rainbow is Second.”

 Mattie Stepanek

“No Spring nor Summer Beauty Hath such Grace as I have seen in One Autumnal Face.

 John Donne

“Normality is a Paved road; it’s Comfortable to Walk, but No Flowers Grow.”

 Vincent van Gogh

“The Magic begins in You. Feel your own Energy, and Realize similar Energy Exists within The Earth, Stones, Plants, Water, Wind, Fire, Colores, and Animals.”

 Scott Cunningham

“The Goal of Life is to Make your Heartbeat Match The Beat of The Universe, to Match your Nature with Nature.”

 Joseph Campbell

“When you Do something Noble and Beautiful and Nobody Noticed, do Not be Sad. For The Sun every Morning is a Beautiful Spectacle and yet Most of The Audience still Sleeps.”

 John Lennon

“As long as I Live, I'll hear Waterfalls and Birds and Winds sing. I'll Interpret The Rocks, Learn The Language of Flood, Storm, and The Avalanche. I'll Acquaint myself with The Glaciers and Wild Gardens, and get as near The Heart of The World as I can.”

 John Muir