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  Top 100 Wisdom Quotes

“I have No Special Talent. I am only Passionately Curious.”

Albert Einstein

“A Man must be Big enough to Admit his Mistakes, Smart enough to Profit from them, and Strong enough to Correct them.”

John C. Maxwell

“Honesty is The First Chapter in The Book of Wisdom.”

Thomas Jefferson

“A Proverb is One Man's Wit and all Men's Wisdom.”

Lord John Russell

“Knowing Yourself is The Beginning of all Wisdom.”


“Wisdom's Door is ever Open.”

Edward Counsel

“The Wise man Hath his Thoughts in his Head; The Fool, on his Tongue.”

Ivan Panin

“Genius is One percent Inspiration and Ninety-nine percent Perspiration.”

Thomas A. Edison

“The Fool Doth Think he is Wise, but The Wise man Knows himself to be a Fool.”  

William Shakespeare

“Justice without Wisdom is Impossible.”

James Anthony Froude

“We all Admire The Wisdom of People who Come to Us for Advice.”

Arthur Helps

“The only True Wisdom is in Knowing you Know Nothing.”


“Be More Concerned with Your Character than Your Reputation, Because Your Character is what You Really are, while Your Reputation is Merely what Others Think You are.”

John Wooden

“Information is Not Knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

“An Intelligent man Believes only Half of what he Hears, a Wise man Knows which Half.”

Evan Esar

“Sciences may be Learned by Rote, but Wisdom Not.”

Laurence Sterne

“The Road of Excess Leads to The Palace of Wisdom.”

William Blake

“Experience is Not what Happens to You; it's what You do with what Happens to You.”

Aldous Huxley

“The Wise man will Want to be Ever with him Who is Better than himself.”


“The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift and The Rational Mind is a Faithful Servant. We have Created a Society that Honors The Servant and has Forgotten The Gift.”

Albert Einstein

“Fools Talk, Cowards are Silent, Wise Men Listen.”

Carlos Ruizzafon

“Count your Age by Friends, Not Years. Count your Life by Smiles, Not Tears.”

John Lennon

“Wisdom Comes only through Suffering.”


“Wisdom and Goodness to The Vile seem Vile.”

William Shakespeare

“For Beautiful Eyes, Look for The Good in others; for Beautiful Lips, Speak only Words of Kindness; and for Poise, Walk with The Knowledge that You are Never alone.”

Audrey Hepburn

“Common Sense in an Uncommon Degree is what The World Calls Wisdom.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“Wisdom is The Daughter of Experience.”

Leonardo da Vinci

“The Saddest Aspect of Life Right now is that Science gathers Knowledge Faster than Society gathers Wisdom.”

Isaac Asimov

“Talent is God Given. Be Humble. Fame is Man-Given. Be Grateful. Conceit is Self-Given. Be Careful.”

John Wooden

“A Wise Woman Puts a Grain of Sugar into everything she Says to a Man, and Takes a Grain of Salt with everything he Says to her.”

Helen Rowland

“Wisdom is a Treasure, The Key whereof is Never Lost.”

Edward Counsel

“The Most Beautiful Thing we can Experience is The Mysterious. It is The Source of all True Art and Science.”

Albert Einstein

“It is The Mark of an Educated Mind to be Able to Entertain a thought Without Accepting it.”


“If I Don’t have Wisdom, I can Teach you only Ignorance.”

Leo Buscaglia

“The Secret of Life, though, is to Fall Seven Times and to Get up Eight Times.”

Paulo Coelho

“He who Hesitates is Sometimes Wise.”

Malcolm Forbes

“In a Good Bookroom you Feel in some Mysterious Way that you are Absorbing The Wisdom Contained in all The Books through your Skin, Without even Opening them.”

Mark Twain

“Memory is The Mother of all Wisdom.”


“Wisdom Somes with The Ability to be still. Just Look and just Listen. No more is Needed. Being still, Looking, and Listening Activates The Non-Conceptual Intelligence within you. Let Stillness Direct your Words and Actions.”

Eckhart Tolle

“Lost Time is Never Found Again.”

Ben Franklin